It has been a long journey, starting out with two different pieces of draft legislation over two years ago but finally this week, the President of Ireland signed the Gender Pay Gap Information Act, 2021 into law. We still await regulations to formally commence the new laws and to breathe life into the obligations on employers to harvest pay data, analyse it, explain any gender pay gap which is revealed and communicate their proposals to a public audience including future talent and customers, as to how they plan to tackle any gender pay gap in their business. There is still some time to get prepared however.

Initially, only employers with over 250 employees will be required to publish gender pay gap information. See further guidelines below: 

Number of Employees

Publication Obligation


One to two years from the date of Regulations

150 – 249

Two years from date of Regulations


Three years from the date of Regulations



Key first steps are to assess the accuracy and completeness of your pay data, decide whether the data harvesting and analysis can be done in-house or if it requires external expert resources (and therefore budget) and start thinking about the narrative your business will include to explain and start to tackle any gender pay gap which is revealed.

Let us know if we can help and take a look at our client update here on gender pay gap reporting.