On 10 May 2022, the Central Bank of Ireland ('Central Bank') published a revised timeline and guidance on how firms (including investment funds and management companies) can notify the Central Bank via the ‘PCF In-Situ Return – 2022 Regulations’ return ('PCF In-Situ Return') of the individuals who were in-situ in the PCF2B, PCF12, PCF52 and PCF16 roles as at 5 April 2022.

It follows the publication of the new Fitness and Probity Regulations on 8 April 2022 which gave effect to new categories of PCFs under its fitness and probity framework. For further details, please see our update Updated Central Bank of Ireland PCF List - Required Actions and Filings.

The PCF In-Situ Return will be available via ONR from 18 May 2022 and the original 3 June 2022 deadline for submissions has been pushed out to 30 June 2022, allowing firms six weeks to submit their returns. Firms must submit a prescribed 'PCF In-Situ Return File' which is available here.